We started out to
a specific problem
How can we help more
people have access to
credit at a reasonable cost

in situations like the
COVID pandemic?
And, that led us to a
broken system
we believe needs a
complete overhaul.

As a society, we’ve created solutions for access to money and failed to offer those solution to everybody. This failure has led to disparity, inequality, and insecurity, that was further highlighted at a time of crisis. The drive to correct what we believe is wrong is what connects us all at Bettr.

This is our Story…

Our singular mission is:

To enable financial success for the next billion through
simple, transparent, and timely access to quality credit.

Credit is vital

We know that having access to credit uplifts societies, creates opportunities, and provides the means to fulfil the aspirations of individuals and communities, alike. When presented with empathy and equity, credit can prove to be a bridge to achieve financial control, which can feel like freedom: freedom to ideate, imagine, and accomplish.

We’re on a mission,
and we’re not alone

There’s an entire tribe. In our tribe, we protect our own, respect each other, and communicate transparently. We dream big, challenge our boundaries, shatter our ceilings. We unlock our potential and then help each other unlock theirs. And, none of this comes with caveats, hidden terms, or predatory pricing.

We’re not a “brand of
financial services”, and you are
not a “customer”.

You and us are a community, that is built on strong beliefs
and values. We build solutions that are meant for most and not a few.

We create products that are fair, easy to understand, and simple to use.

We say things upfront,
and with honesty.

We offer credit, and do so with integrity to a
community who’s reimagining our world,
our potential, our limits.

We are you, and
we make everyday


Service Disruption Notice

w.e.f July 1st, 2022

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Banking Partner

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